me and friends on trip to trewern!

500 miles


funny cats lol


You know pimp my ride, well now it's time for UN-PIMP YOUR RIDE 1-3


Saturday, 16 June 2007

Stubbers! =D

Man Stubbers is so fun!! Although when i got back from it all of my body parts were hurting me!! I Mean like, when i got to school after stubbers, me and all my other friends who went, just layed down on the grass in the field!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

hello, it's me again conor,my friend keeps on bugging me about making a post so here it is,what the heck is it with jim-billy-bob!

thats all lol

Hi this is a post from conor. bi.

= - ] stuff = - ]

Hi.I love to go on runescape because it's a chat room/ gaming site.My name on there is Con O Kill 9.I'm mostly telling you this so i can waste up space on my blog so you don't see any blank parts,lol.